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Parlay is loaded but I can no longer see parcel lines in Google Earth.

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018 10:15AM EST
It’s possible that you are not seeing parcel lines because you or another user has added an additional Parlay License Key to the Place box in Google Earth and the number of allocated keys for your company has been exceeded.  This often happens when a company has more than one user but can certainly happen to a single user.  
To fix this, have each user review their layer tree in the Places window, and remove all but one copy of the Parlay Parcels layer tree from their copy of Google Earth.  Right click on PARLAY Parcels in blue and select delete, then restart Google Earth. This should fix the issue. 

Additionally, we've found that Parlay works better at the top of the Places Box in Google Earth, especially if a user has a lot of items or other layers saved there.  In your Places box of Google Earth, Click on "PARLAY Parcels" in blue and drag it up to the top of the Places box so that it is just below "My Places".   Then restart Google Earth. 

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