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How do I start the free 14-day trial of PARLAY 2.0?

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018 10:41AM EST
PARLAY 2.0 is our parcel overlay for Google Earth.  Here’s how you can try it out for free for 14-days.

1. First, you want to make sure you have Google Earth for Desktop, version 7.3 loaded onto your computer.  To load it, go to 
Click “Earth Pro on Desktop” at the top, then “download” to install the desktop version of Google Earth.

2. Next, you will want to register on our website for an account.  Once registered, go to the PARLAY page here. You can find the PARLAY page by selecting “Solutions” in the black bar or by scrolling down on the homepage.  Click “read more” to go to the PARLAY page.

3. Once you arrive there, you will see a light blue box that says “Click here to launch Google Earth with PARLAY 2.0 parcels.”  Simply click that link in the light blue box.  The file will download to your computer.  Click the file and it will open PARLAY in Google Earth. 

Note: If the file does not automatically download to your computer, but rather asks you if you want to save or open it, you may open it in Google Earth or select Save.  If you select save, remember where you saved it and then open Google Earth, and select “File” at the top, then “Open” and browse for the file named “PARLAY parcel layer for Google Earth.”

4. Once PARLAY is loaded into Google Earth, simply zoom in to view the parcel lines.  To view data for each parcel, simply click on the parcel point which is the blue icon on each parcel. 

5. And lastly, upon exiting Google Earth, you will be asked to save the file you just added to your temporary folder.  Select “Save”!  This will preserve the PARLAY layer in the Places box of Google Earth.  The next and all subsequent times you want to access PARLAY, simply open Google Earth. 

Enjoy viewing parcel boundaries and attribute data with unprecedented detail and freshness in Google Earth with PARLAY 2.0!
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