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How do I use offline mode in the LandGlide Android app?

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 04:30PM EST

You can download maps for offline access in LandGlide. With offline maps, you can use LandGlide in areas without cell service.

Begin by creating your first offline map in LandGlide. From the main map, open the hamburger menu icon in the top left and select Manage Offline Maps. This will take you to the Offline Maps page.



From here, select the Plus Button at the bottom right of your screen to create your first offline map.

You can pan the map around and even zoom in and out to select the area to download. If you are zoomed too far out, you will be prompted to zoom in to select a smaller area. Select the area you wish to view offline, and give your offline map a name to identify it.


Tap Create, and you will begin downloading your map for offline use. This may take a moment for larger areas or areas with a high parcel density (such as cities). LandGlide will download the map in the background, so you don’t need to wait here for it to finish.


When the download completes, you may test your offline map by returning to the main screen and moving your map cursor to somewhere in area you just downloaded. Turn on Airplane Mode on your phone to simulate going offline.


LandGlide will inform you that it has Lost connection to network and it prompt you to Go Offline. Click Go Offline from the popup to use your offline base map.

Now you are using the low-resolution Offline base map. When you are offline, you may still view property details by swiping up or tapping on the property information panel at the bottom of your screen. You can also drop pins. Search is disabled while you are offline. You can access this Offline base map at any time, even when network connections are flakey, by tapping on the hamburger menu icon in the top left and selecting Offline under Base Maps.


You can turn Airplane Mode off on your phone to resume using LandGlide. When you have a network connection again, you may wish to switch your base map option from Offline to something else, since the offline base maps are low resolution.

To manage your offline maps, open the hamburger icon menu and select Manage Offline Maps.


You can view information about your downloaded offline map by tapping on the offline map card. You will be taken to the Offline Map Details screen, and here you can rename, update, or delete your offline map.

Offline maps are currently available in LandGlide Android. Support for LandGlide iOS is coming soon!
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